Wholesaler FAQ and General Information

These are questions and answers designed to help our wholesale customers in any way possible. Don't see your question here? Please email us at sales@allinfaith.com.

Please Read For Ordering Time Frames and Turnaround

Please Read This Section Before Purchasing

All products made by All In Faith, LLC. are handmade in there entireity and do require adequate time to produce. Generally, we aim to keep certain quantities of many products in stock and available for our wholesale customers. However, if we do not have the stock required to complete your order as requested, we will have to make the products for you.

Generallly speaking, we can have any quantity of sterling products produced for your order in 15 business days. Please plan ahead for busy times and place your orders early so that we have adequate time to produce the product for you. If you would like to inquire about inventory prior to placing your order please email us at sales@allinfaith.com.

How Do the Products Come Packaged?

We send out chains and pendants individually packaged in small clear bags. No end-consumer packaging materials are provided to the wholesale customer. It is the responsibility of the wholesaler to package these items for the end consumer in their specific retail environment.

How Will My Package be Shipped?

All wholesalers are required to select the "wholesaler shipping" option when checking out with more than five items. For five or fewer items wholesaler can use a cheaper shipping option when available. Wholesaler shipping costs $40 and is sent via UPS Two Day shipping or another comparable service.

Can I Purchase Official All In Faith/FiveTool Boxes to Provide To My Retail Customers?

Yes! When sufficient quantities are available you can purchase our branded packaging boxes to display with and provide to your end consumer. These are sold by wholesale level and are only available when sufficient stock exists. To check on sufficient stock please email sales@allinfaith.com.

Prices for Boxes:

Gold Level: $1.04/box

Silver Level: $1.30/box

Copper Level: $1.56/box

How Do I get Product Photos?

To receive any type of product photos just email sales@allinfaith.com and they will be provided to you!

Can I Take My Own Photos and Create Banner Ads and Artwork?

You are free to create whatever type of advertisement you would like using our products so long as we approve them. Before posting any original content using our patented designs please send us a copy of the work to approve digitally.