Gold MVP Batter Pendant

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Gold MVP Batter Pendant
Gold MVP Batter Pendant

With a wide assortment of baseball jewelry that All In Faith has to offer, it may be hard to find just the right one to show off your love for the game and your faith together. If you are looking for something that is a little more elaborate than our famous baseball bat cross pendant, the MVP batter pendant may be the pendant for you. This pendant is more detailed and adds a more custom touch that will surely make a statement when worn. 

This baseball necklace pendant features a solid gold (10 or 14 karat) baseball player. The MVP shows a batter posed and ready for a pitch holding a cross instead of a bat. All In Faith wanted to showcase that no batter ever stands alone at the plate and that the Lord will be there with every pitch that life throws at you. This MVP pendant was the result of a hand carved wax pattern designed by our in-house, master jeweler.

This cross is composed of solid gold (10 karat or 14 karat). This item is not plated or hollow.  The chains available with the gold original pendant are solid 10 or 14K diamond cut rope chains. Offered in 18, 20, or 24 inch lengths.
Length: 1.07 inches -- Width: 0.55 inches -- Depth: 0.1 inches -- Pendant Weight: 2.0 DWT (varies slightly with karat choice) -- Chain Length: 18, 20, or 24 inches -- Chain Thickness: 2.0 mm
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