How To Throw A Perfect Spiral

Knowing How To Grip the ball

In order to throw a perfect spiral, you have to first understand how to grip the ball. In order to correctly grip the ball, set the football on a table, sideways, with the laces of the ball facing up. With your dominant hand, place four fingers across the laces, allowing the pads on your fingers to rest on the far side. Slowly move your fingers to to the back of the ball, stopping when your pinkie and ring finger are the only fingers on the laces. You can leave your middle finger resting on the laces as well if this is more comfortable for you. Now take your thumb and move it to the bottom half of the football and allow your hand to spread to allow you to press the football to better grip it. At this point, you can pick up the ball off of the table and feel to make sure that it is in a comfortable position.

Getting Into Throwing position

With the football in your hand, you can now stand and get into the throwing position. For best leverage, you will want to find your target, and adjust your shoulders at a 90 degree angle toward them. As a rule of thumb, your forward foot will be determined by which arm you dominantly throw with. For right handed throwers, you are going to want to put your left foot in front. For left hand throwers, you will be putting your right foot in front. At this time, you will want to move your back foot to a 90 degree position in relation to your target and have your front foot facing directly at your target. Now position the ball in your hand in front of your body ensuring that it is about chest high. Place your off hand on the opposite side of your throwing hand.

throwing the ball

Now that you have your throwing position down, you can start to work on your throw. Get into position and bring the football back until it is parallel with your throwing arm side’s ear. Let your off hand stay in the same position at the height of your chest (the ball will come out of your off hand at this point). Point your off hand shoulder toward the target. With your forward foot, take a step in the direction of your target and allow your wight to come down on that foot. During this step, pivot your shoulder and hips, allowing your chest to open towards the target. While your body is twisting, you can begin to bring the ball forward in a throwing motion. Your off hand elbow will travel downwards to help leverage weight for more force on your throw.

getting the spiral

Right before you let go of the ball, you will need to slightly flick your wrist while driving the football forward with your arms and shoulder. Allow the football to sort of roll off the thumb, followed by the fingers. This will create the spiral effect, making your throws cleaner and more accurate.

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