Our Story

All in faith Jewelry started as an idea between a father and a son. Together they created our founding company FiveTool Jewelry. Robert (the father and master jeweler) decided to craft his son Adam, the aspiring baseball player and business major, a piece of jewelry that combined his faith with his love for baseball. After many months hand carving wax patterns the Original Baseball Bat Cross was born. 

Building a Brand

Adam was thrilled to receive such a meaningful gift from his father. He wore his new necklace diligently and proudly. After a few weeks, Adam’s necklace was the talk of his baseball team. Friends and teammates loved the design and wished there was a way to purchase their own. Within a few days, Adam came up with the idea to make bat crosses and sell them from a small website he named FiveTool Jewelry. Adam, Robert, and Collin (a jeweler apprenticing for Robert and longtime family friend) spent late nights and weekends hand crafting baseball crosses for Adam’s thriving new business. Adam was shocked at how receptive people were with the design. Spreading a message of faith, baseball, and craftsmanship became the goal and the company began to grow. Within a few months of starting this business, several Chicago Cubs players would wear their baseball crosses and become World Series Champions.

Our Revelation

After operating for two years, Adam and Robert decided baseball was not the only sport with faithful athletes and started All In Faith Jewelry to bring faith based products to as many sports as they could. Today, All In Faith is still operated by Adam, Robert, and Collin with faith, family, and quality in mind. 

All In Faith is proud to be the driving design force behind Christian sports based jewelry for the entire family. Our designs are patented with the US Patent and Trademark office and represent an unmatched quality in the Christian sports jewelry market. When you are looking at All In Faith Products you can be assured you are looking at original designs from the USA and not a poor quality replica. If you have questions about our story or any of our patented designs please feel free to ask us!