When it comes to finding the right size necklace, it is important to figure out just how far each size will come down the front of your chest. Necklace chains are offered in many different sizes, styles, materials, and colors. However, most will all fall into the same range when it comes to overall size.Necklace sizes are measured in diameter and are usually found between 14” up to 36” for women and 18” up to 24” for men. While different body types will usually result in different fitments, this guide will give you a general idea based on an average man or woman’s height or size.

Women’s Necklace Size Guide/Chart

For women, you will notice that there are a wider selection of necklace sizes when compared to men’s size. This is most likely due to the demands of various styles when it comes to women’s accessory options. 

14” Necklace - The smallest common necklace size for women is the 14” necklace. This size is going to fit almost as tight as a choker and is usually reserved for thinner style necklaces.

16” Necklace- The 16” necklace is going to have a chain that will rest around the base of a woman’s neck similar to a collar. For more petite women, this size will most likely fall at the collarbone while feeling similar to a choker for plus size women. 

18” Necklace - For most women, the 18” necklace is one of the most popular choices as this necklace will rest at the collarbone right below the throat. This is the most commonly used size when adding pendants as it will hang right over a crew neck t-shirt. 

20” Necklace - A 20” necklace for women will give you a little more breathing room and will usually fall a few inches below your collarbone. This size is perfect for those wearing turtlenecks and women with a lower neckline. 

22” Necklace - If you are a woman with a lower neckline, the 22” necklace is a great choice as it falls right at or above low necklines. 

24” Necklace - If you are a fan of longer necklaces or are picking a design that works best at longer lengths, the 24” necklace is a perfect choice as it falls below just about any neckline. 

36” Necklace - The longest necklace on the list, the 36” can be worn a couple of different ways. Most commonly it is used with pearl strands as they look best for necklaces that hang below the bosom. Secondly, you can double the 36” up for a dual 18” necklace look.

Men’s Necklace Size Guide/Chart

As for the men’s necklaces, the most common sizes are going to be 18”, 20”, 22”, and 24”. These standard sizes offer a very clean and professional look without getting in the way of normal activities. 

18” Necklace - Sitting just above most crew neck shirts, the 18” necklace is most popular in a beaded construction. This necklace will rest at the base of the neck on average build men. 

20” Necklace - One of the most popular sizes for men, the 20” necklace rests at the collarbone and is perfect for pendants. Most pendants will tuck under a crew neck t-shirt while being exposed in a low v-neck or unbuttoned dress shirt. 

22” Necklace - A 22” necklace will come to rest below the collar bone by a few inches and are perfect for those who want a little more breathing room from their necklace. 

24” Necklace - Falling just above the sternum on most men, the 24” necklace is most popular with religious pendants as it keeps the pendant closer to your heart. 


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