5 Interesting Facts From The Red Sox' World Series Win


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The Boston Red Sox secured their 9th World Series win Sunday night, defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1. Going into this game, the Sox were 3-1 in the series with only one win away from their 4th World Series win in the last 15 years. While the win may come as no surprise to many, there are a few overlooked and interesting facts about the World Series win that you may not know.

The Playoff Bonus

Those who know sports, know that athletes get paid pretty well, but did you know that there is a pretty hefty bonus for a playoff bonus? A playoff bonus is split between each player who competes in a playoff game in the postseason. The best part is, this bonus gets larger the further the tam advances in the playoffs.

Although the total for the Red Sox is unknown at the time of this article, we can look back at previous winnings to get a general idea of what these Boston baseball players are taking home. The Houston Astros, winners of the 2017 World Series, split an astounding, and record breaking $30.4 million. The LA Dodgers, who were defeated by the Astros, split a hefty $20.3 million.


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One Game = An Entire World Series

If you were watching game 3 of the 2018 World Series, this one may not come as too much of a surprise for you. For those who did not catch the game, or could not finish watching it, we will quickly fill you in. At the end of the 9th inning, the score was tied at 1-1. Going into extra innings, it was not until inning 13 that both the Dodgers and the Red Sox scored a single run, tying things up again. Finally at the end of the 18th inning, the LA Dodgers scored a run to defeat the Red Sox.

Not only was this a gruelling game that seemed to drag on forever, the elapsed time of the entire game was actually longer than a full World Series in 1939. According to Stats By STATS, the Yankees swept the Red in a four game series that lasted 7:05.


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3 Home Runs In 24 Hours

While former Red Sox David Ortiz had a three home run total in World Series appearances over the years, World Series MVP Steve Pearce hit three in 24 hours during games 4 and 5. This would also lead into Pearce making history along the way.

Home Run History

After hitting his 3rd home run, Steve Pearce joined the ranks of only 10 players to hit 3 home runs in 24 hours in a World Series. These 10 players aren’t your ordinary players, 9 of the 10 are in the Baseball hall of fame. Could this be an omen for Pearce? We can’t wait to see!


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Save The Best For Last

Our favorite odd fact from the 2018 World Series is one that many did not catch. Chris Sale, the pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, clinched the first and the last out of the World Series. Sale became the 9th pitcher to do so with the latest being Hal Newhouser in 1945.


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