Von Miller Signs Huge Deal with the Buffalo Bills

Von Miller Signs Huge Deal with the Buffalo Bills

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Von Miller has done very well for himself. The 10-year pro played his first nine and a half seasons with the Denver Broncos, winning a Super Bowl and being selected to three First Team All Pro teams and eight Pro Bowl selections. In seven of his 10 NFL seasons he had 10 or more sacks and has been one of the most feared pass rushers since he has been in the league. 

The Broncos looked ready to rebuild halfway through the 2021 season and traded him to one of the best teams in the league that just made the Super Bowl in 2019, the Los Angeles Rams. It seemed Miller was on a sharp decline before this as he missed the entire 2020 NFL season due to a torn ACL following a 2019 season where he had less than 10 sacks for just the second time in his career. The first time being when he only played nine games in the 2013 season. He proved that it was not the case that he was on the decline. 

In the eight regular season games he played with the Rams he had five sacks and 31 combined total tackles while playing just 79% of the snaps. He continued that strong play and was even better in the playoffs totaling four sacks in four games with six tackles for a loss. In the Super Bowl win he recorded two sacks and three QB hits. 

The offseason has been good to him as well. It was rumored he could return to the Rams or even the Broncos on a deal for around $10 million per year for two or three years. Miller came out of nowhere to sign with the Buffalo Bills, one of the best teams in the NFL. He not only signed with another Super Bowl contender, but he also got a massive deal for $20 million per year. That’s twice as much as anyone thought he would get. The real kicker was that he got a six-year deal for $120 million as a 32-year-old pass rusher. 

The now two-time Super Bowl champion has not only turned his career around after an injury that some people thought could have ended his career after this contract ran out but he has signed one of the biggest deals for a defensive end in the entire league. Miller is now in line to play a big role for a really good team with the longest and the fourth highest value contract for an edge rusher in the NFL.