Product Information & Maintenance


All silver products sold by All In Faith Jewelry are composed of sterling silver (.925). Sterling silver is the standard silver product across the jewelry industry because of its superior durability compared with fine silver (.999). Necklaces that accompany our sterling silver products are composed of stainless steel due to its overall durability. We market our products are specifically toward athletes and sports fans and utilizing stainless steel necklaces allows our customers to wear their All In Faith Jewelry jewelry both in daily life and during sporting events without worry of breaking their necklace. Read our blog article outlining all the reasons silver will tarnish and how to maintain it over time.


Maintain your jewelry is all about warding off tarnish before it begins, right? Well, sort of. For sterling jewelry, from the moment it is created the tarnishing process has already started. Read our blog article outlining all the reasons silver will tarnish and how to maintain it over time. Maintenance in these cases is all about maintaining the appearance of your jewelry over time before the tarnishing consumes your piece entirely. Three main factors go into maintaining your sterling jewelry.


All gold jewelry sold by All In Faith Jewelry is composed of genuine 10 or 14 karat gold. None of our gold products are filled or plated in any way. Necklaces that accompany our gold products are also composed of either 10 or 14 karat solid gold. Please note that 10 karat gold will be slightly more durable than their 14 karat counterparts. However, with proper care and maintenance both 10 and 14 karat necklaces will last for many years.


The process for maintaining gold is much the same as for silver jewelry. The key difference is gold tarnishes much more slowly and will not turn a dark black color. This means the maintenance steps do not have to be completed as frequently for gold jewelry as with silver. However, to keep your gold jewelry as shiny as the day it was made, following the steps outlined above will surely help.


Keeping your jewelry clean is vital to its maintenance. Now that we know what causes tarnish to form on sterling jewelry (sweat, dust, cologne, perfume, soaps, detergents, in some cases skin contact, etc…) we know how often it is exposed to tarnishing agents. Removing these contaminants is key. This can be done with a mild dish detergent and warm water. A soft bristle toothbrush could also be used. When finished make sure all the detergent has been washed clean and dry the jewelry. This can be done as often as necessary and can be done in the shower assuming your soap is sulfide free, just make sure you dry your jewelry after you are finished.


Regular polishing will not only help your jewelry tarnish more slowly, it will help keep the shine on the piece much longer. For maintenance cleaning, a polishing cloth at home is best. Used once or twice a week will add luster and remove tarnish from your sterling jewelry.