Large Tennis Pendant

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Large Tennis Pendant
Large Tennis Pendant
The sport of tennis is often outshined by the more popular sports such as baseball, football, and basketball. This makes finding jewelry that showcases the love for the sport quite difficult, let alone finding one that includes a symbol of faith. All In Faith has recognized this problem and has designed the perfect combination of the two in one beautiful tennis cross necklace pendant. 
This tennis cross necklace pendant features a tarnish resistant sterling silver (0.925 silver) tennis racket design with a prominent cross places perfectly within the center of the tennis racket.This pendant features a highly detailed grip to give the pendant an extra touch of uniqueness. All In Faith has designed this pendant to specifically symbolize that the Lord will always lie at the heart of your passion for tennis. With this high quality design, this tennis cross necklace pendant can be worn both on and off the court and makes a great accessory for even the most sophisticated events. 
The chains available with the large tennis pendant are our extra-large (XL) cable chains composed of an extremely durable stainless steel for the highest quality available. These chains are offered in 18, 20, or 24-inch lengths to fit any style. The tarnish resistance coatings on our silver products contain nickel. If you have a nickel allergy, we can make you a specialty piece without this coating. Email us to find out how to order!
Length: 1.72 inches -- Width: 0.587 inches -- Depth: 0.086 inches -- Pendant Weight: 1.5 DWT -- Chain Length: 18, 20, or 24 inches -- Chain Thickness: 3.0 mm -- Chain Type: Welded Cable
*all measurements are approximate
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