Sports are part of most people's lives whether you play them, watch them, or have a loved one who participates in them. Most of us are introduced to sports as young children, playing a pickup football game with the neighbors, attending school sports events, and watching games with your parents. For the younger generation, it is sometimes hard to find something that they can wear to proudly display their love for their favorite sport. That is why All In Faith has made a full line of mini sports necklace pendants to allow the smallest of sports fans to show off their pride! 

 The best part is, most of these necklace pendants have a faith based design integrated into them. While most people who hold their faith close to them already have a cross style necklace, All In Faith designed a full line of sports pendants that have crosses built into them to allow you to have one elegantly styled pendant that showcases both your faith and your love for the game. Today, we are going to look at the top 17 sports inspired jewelry for kids.

#1 Mini Baseball Bat Cross Necklace

The most famous necklace pendant that we offer here at All In Faith, and the one that gave us our start, is the Original Baseball Cross necklace. Due to the popularity of this design, we have decided to offer a smaller version for our younger baseball fans. 

 The design of the mini baseball bat cross necklace is exactly the same as the original, just smaller. It has the same three baseball bat cross design that represents God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. At the core of every Christian athlete's beliefs lies this trinity, and that was the exact purpose of this necklace, to keep it close to your heart. 

 This necklace is the perfect choice for kids 5 and under who play baseball or are fans of the sport. It's stainless steel construction makes it a perfect choice for just about any occasion.

#2 Mini Athlete’s Cross Necklace

No matter what sport you are into, fitness is one of the key components in staying in shape and ensuring you are performing at your best. Weightlifting is one of the biggest parts of many fitness regimes, and for many, it is a way of life. That is why All In Faith has designed the mini athlete's cross necklace to showcase the younger athlete's dedication to their fitness. 

 The mini athlete's cross necklace is designed to resemble two barbells in the shape of a cross to proudly display your love of weightlifting and your passion for your faith. It is an exact replica of our regular sized athlete's cross, only smaller, which makes it a great way to adorn matching necklaces for you and your children. 

 With a stainless steel construction, this necklace is perfect for wearing to the gym or even the most formal of occasions.

#3 Mini Basketball Pendant With Dangle Cross Necklace

Basketball is one of the most popular sports kids tend to pick up as just about every neighborhood has a basketball goal in it. From playing horse with friends to competing on the school basketball team, kids of all ages love to participate in this game. However, trying to find an easy way to show off this passion can prove to be quite difficult. That is why All In Faith has developed the min basketball pendant with dangle cross necklace. 

 This necklace is features a flat, stainless steel portrait of a basketball with a single small cross that dangles from the pendant. The basketball is a front profile shot of the ball which shows off the lines and textures of the basketball quite well. The perfect mix of polished and unpolished surfaces make for the perfect accent on this pendant and allows it to look perfect both on the court or at the most formal occasions. 

 This necklace is the perfect gift for those who play basketball, are a fan of the sport, or for those who simply want to show their support for a loved one who plays on a basketball team.

#4 Mini Golf Pendant With Dangle Cross Necklace

While gold is not one of the most popular sports for children, it is becoming more and more common to see it offered as a high school sport option. It is also a sport that many kids are introduced to as a kid by their parents who bring them along to help drive the golf cart or put around on the green. All In Faith has recognized the need for a kid's golf pendant necklace and have developed just that! 

 This golf pendant necklace not only features a beautiful stainless steel golf ball design, it also has a small dangle cross incorporated onto the necklace to give you a way to showcase your love for the game and the passion for your faith, all in one elegant design. 

 This necklace is perfect for those who like to play golf or are simply a fan of watching their favorite golfer. The design features polished and unpolished textures that help to highlight the dimples on the golf ball. This makes it the perfect accessory both on and off the course.

#5 Soccer Ball Cross Necklace

Soccer is one of the most popular team sports played by children of any age, all over the world. It is no surprise that parents and kids in this sport are constantly looking for accessories to showcase their love for the game. Being a Christian-based company, All In Faith has created the perfect blend of soccer and faith with their Soccer Ball Cross Necklace. 

 This necklace features a uniquely designed pendant made up of the patches of a soccer ball in the shape of a cross. This stainless steel design features both black and white soccer patches throughout the pendant for the perfectly contrasting design which makes the soccer theme easily identifiable. 

 With the elegant design and glossy colors, this pendant can be worn during game time, for practice, and even in the most formal of settings. It is a great gift for those who participate in the game and an excellent way for your kids to show off their love for the game.

#6 Mini Hockey Pendant With Dangle Cross Necklace

If you are from a state where you get a lot of snow and icy weather, you are probably very familiar with hockey. Even those who live in hotter states follow their favorite teams in hockey or even participate in a form of hockey that doesn't require ice. It doesn't matter where you live, hockey is a sport enjoyed by just about everyone. Finding a way to show off your love for the game used to be quite hard, but now All In Faith has a solution. The mini hockey pendant with dangle cross necklace allows you to elegantly display your love for hockey while still showing off your passion for your faith. 

 This hockey necklace features two hockey sticks crossed over each other with a puck joining them in the middle of the base. The polished stainless steel gives this pendant a beautiful finish that makes it a perfect accessory both on the ice or at the most formal of occasions. It is finished off with a fully polished, small cross that dangles above the hockey sticks. This symbolizes keeping your faith close to you while you are on the ice.

#7 Mini Pigskin Football Cross Necklace

No sports jewelry list would be complete without a football necklace. While All In Faith offers a full line of football necklaces, the mini pigskin football cross pendant is one of the most popular among the younger athletes. This necklace incorporates their love for the game and their passion for their faith, all in one elegant necklace pendant. 

 This football necklace pendant is designed to mimic a football inside of a cross. The pendant itself starts out as a normal cross, but is accented by the laces and striped of a football in the middle. This represents how close football players and fans keep their faith to their sport. When on the field and in training, many Christian athletes keep their crosses close to their heart. This necklace allow you to do just that, but with the addition of having a football design as well. 

 With a great contrast of polished and unpolished accents, this mini pigskin football cross necklace can be worn on and off the field, even to the most formal of events.

#8 Mini Volleyball Pendant With Dangle Cross Necklace

While volleyball isn't a huge sport for younger children, it becomes popular once kids start to reach high school. Schools all over the country offer volleyball as a team sport and it is enjoyed by many. It is even a sport enjoyed by kids outside of school at their local beach, backyard party, or at the park. Finding a way to show off their love for the game isn't easy, but All In Faith is here to make it easier with this mini volleyball pendant with dangle cross. 

 To make your love for the game easily noticed, this necklace pendant is designed as a flat profile shot of a volleyball with a polished face and black accent lines similar to those found on a volleyball. A small polished cross is attached to the pendant ring to allow for it to dangle next to the volleyball. This helps to symbolize how closely volleyball players keep their faith to them. 

 With the elegant design of this necklace, you can easily wear it on and off the court and even to the most formal of occasions. This necklace is a perfect gift for your child who plays or loves the game of volleyball.

#9 Mini Gridiron Football Cross Necklace

For the kids who play football or simply love to watch their favorite teams play on the weekends, All In Faith offers a wide selection of football inspired jewelry. This mini gridiron football cross necklace is very similar to our pigskin football cross necklace we mentioned earlier, but with a slightly different design. 

 This mini gridiron football cross necklace features the same cross and football silhouette design, but where the pigskin cross has a football texture background, the gridiron cross has no background. This makes the pendant a full silhouette and give off an elegant look that is perfect for on and off the field. It is even a great necklace to be worn at more formal occasions as well. 

 This integrated cross and football design shows everyone how closely you keep your faith to your passion for football. For Christian athletes, keeping God close whether you are in practice or in a game is very important. This pendant can serve as a constant reminder that God walks with you at all times.

#10 Mini MMA Glove Cross Necklace

MMA, or mixed martial arts, has become a very popular sport over the past decade. This is in part due to the rise of MMA television shows and the popularity of MMA fights across the globe. With the rise of this sport, All In Faith has sponsored a few fighters and developed a couple of MMA necklaces to allow you to show off your passion for fighting. 

 Teaching kids MMA to help them defend themselves is an increasingly popular practice. Kids learn valuable self defense skills along with discipline which helps them in every aspect of their life. 

 This mini MMA glove necklace features a fully polished cross with a pair of MMA gloves draped across it. This represents how closely fighters keep their faith with them when practicing or competing. This is the perfect necklace for kids who are fans off MMA or participate in their local MMA club.

#11 Mini Pink Enamel Softball Cross Necklace

When it comes to girl sports, softball is one of the most popular sports around. You can find softball teams as early as little leagues and as old as community and company teams. Kids get involved in softball at very young ages and the passion sticks with them for years to come. Many softball players are eager to show off their favorite sport, but softball is sometimes left out of most jewelry lineups. That is why All In Faith has created the mini pink enamel softball cross necklace. 

 This necklace is very similar to the popular baseball bat cross necklace that gave All In Faith its start. The biggest difference that you are going to see on this necklace pendant is the pink enamel hand grips at the bottom of each bat. All In Faith offers a few different colors in this style, but the mini pink enamel softball cross was specifically designed for the younger girls who love to play softball. The stainless steel and pink design makes for the perfect accessory on and off the field as well as perfect for any formal occasion as well.

#12 Mini Ichthys Football Cross Necklace

We have looked at a few different football necklaces for kids on our list, but they have all revolved around a cross shaped pendant. If you are looking for a faith based football necklace that is a little more unique, look no further than the mini ichthys football pendant from All In Faith.  

This mini ichthys football pendant features a ichthys shaped pendant with a football inside the center. The pendant dangles from the front of the ichthys shape while the football features a detailed silhouette that makes it unmistakable from any distance. 

 This necklace pendant is a great way for kids to show off their love for their sport while also displaying their love for their faith. With an all in one pendant, you will not have to worry about wearing two separate necklaces to show off your faith and favorite sport.

#13 Mini Football Cross Necklace Pendant

The last football necklace pendant for kids on our list is the mini football cross necklace pendant. This pendant is the only football pendant that is designed to showcase the actual football shape while still incorporating a cross in the middle. With so many football players holding their faith close to them on and off the field, having a necklace that showcases both passions is a great way to display it. 

 This necklace is designed to look exactly like a football with the added textures of the pigskin, lines, and laces that you will see on all footballs. It also has a predominantly displayed polished cross in the center to represent that your faith is at the center of your passion for football. For most kids, learning to keep your faith close to you on the field can help you press through training and the tough games knowing God is always with you.

#14 Mini Soccer Ball Cross Necklace Pendant

While we have looked at a soccer necklace for kids on our list already, All In Faith has another beautiful design to offer for those kids who love to play soccer. The mini soccer ball cross necklace pendant is a pendant that is perfect for the kid who wants to show off their passion for the game and the love for their faith all in one complete necklace. 

 This kids soccer necklace features a stainless steel soccer ball design that is fully polished and has the patches of the ball segmented by raised portions to make it unmistakable when wearing it. In the middle of the ball rests a fully polished cross to symbolize that faith is at the center of their passion for soccer. Keeping your faith close to you during games or in practice is a great way to keep your motivation up knowing that God is with you every step of the way.

#15 Mini Volleyball Cross Necklace Pendant

All In Faith is all about offering a variety of different necklaces to choose from. That is why we have listed another option for volleyball players to show off their love for the game. While we have already looked at the mini volleyball pendant with dangle cross, the mini volleyball cross necklace pendant is going to be perfect for kids who want a little more of an elegant design. 

 This mini volleyball cross necklace pendant features a fully polished stainless steel volleyball design that is accented by grooves that mimic the lines on a volleyball. In the center, you will find a polished cross, much like the ones seen in the past couple of designs. This necklace provides kids with a necklace that incorporates their two biggest passions, faith and volleyball.

#16 Mini Basketball Net With Dangle Cross Necklace Pendant

For the younger basketball fans, there are not many jewelry options available to showcase their passion for their favorite sport. That is why All In Faith has developed a unique pendant that is sure to be the topic of conversation no matter where it is worn. This mini basketball net pendant also features a small dangle cross on the pendant to showcase your love for your faith without having to wear a separate necklace. 

 The mini basketball net necklace pendant with dangle cross features a basketball net design that showcases a basketball falling through it. This unique design is unlike any other basketball necklace on the market and it also features a fully polished cross that dangles around it. This is the perfect gift for kids who love to play or watch basketball.

#17 Mini Tennis Necklace With Dangle Cross Necklace Pendant

Last but not least, we cannot forget about tennis. Tennis has been around forever and has not always gotten the same lime light as baseball, football, or basketball. While it is not as popular as these sports, there are still many kids who participate in tennis across the world. Due to it not being as popular, finding jewelry that allows tennis players to proudly display their passion is quite difficult. 

All In Faith has recognized the need for a children's tennis necklace and has developed the mini tennis necklace with dangle cross. This design features a flat, fully polished, stainless steel tennis ball with accented lines to mimic the lines found on a tennis ball. A small polished cross dangles from the top of the pendant to allow you to showcase your faith and your favorite sport without having to wear two different necklaces.


With so many different choices of sports necklaces for kids offered by All In Faith, we are confident that you will find exactly what you are looking for. Each of these necklaces will allow you to proudly show off your favorite sport while also showing everyone how close you keep your faith to you. 

 All in faith is continuously adding new designs to their lineup and bringing on new sports as well. If you are looking for something a little more custom, feel free to reach out and let u know what you would like!